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Finance training

There is a move away from command and control style financial management in many organisations and in line with that financial responsibility is devolved to budget holders who are often non-financial staff who are specialists in their respective fields but who do not necessarily have the finance skills required to manage finances.

It is important for budget holders to have the skills and confidence to fulfil their role of managing the organisation’s finances to ensure that financial resources are not wasted but are utilised in an optimal manner. Also, it’s important that budget holders understand the financial targets and goals they are set and how they fit into the organisation’s overall strategy to ensure goal congruence across the organisation.

Financial training can help support an organisation in the transition from central financial management to a devolved collaborative financial management approach.

Bright Accountancy offers the full training cycle including:

Training Needs Analysis

Carrying out a finance needs analysis identifies the gap between actual skills staff currently have and skills required to do the job.

Training Design

Bright Accountancy can design a Finance Training package to suit your organisation and budget.

  • One-to-one training
  • Group training
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring

Training Delivery covering different types of training such as:

  • Specialist finance training
  • Finance for non-financial managers